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Using the Honeywell T775 Outdoor Reset Controller: Clip 3 of 4

Using the Honeywell T775 Outdoor Reset Controller for Up To 15% Savings On Heating Costs: Clip 3 of 4. Recorded webinar from Industrial Controls with speakers Zinovia Spaulding and PJ Qvarnstrom . January 13, 2010.

Topics Include:
*What is Outdoor Reset?
*What Type of Applications Would Benefit?
*What Flexibility Does the Honeywell T775 Provide?
*Why Use the T775 for Hot Water Reset?

A boiler without reset maintains the boiler temperature based on the maximum set point, so on warmer days when there's little or no call for heat, most of the boiler is energy wasted.

The outdoor air reset feature resets the boiler's setpoint based on the outdoor temperature--when the outdoor temperature goes up, the boiler's set point can go down, saving significant energy.

Best of all, achieving the energy savings is easy. Unlike controllers that require you to calculate reset ratios, you simply enter four set points and the T775R controller does the work.

Learn more about the Honeywell T775 Outdoor Reset Controller in this 30 minute webinar.

Zinovia Spaulding, Honeywell's Product Specialist For sensors and remote temperature controllers.

PJ Qvarnstrom has been in the commercial HVAC business for 20 years and he opened our Boston branch 2 years ago with much success. He was involved in the development of the new T775 and beta testing of it.

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