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Working to Diagnose a Steam Leak on a Industrial Boiler FULTON ICS-50 #ItsMonday #BoilerLeak

This is just some talking, information and repairs done to diagnose a steam boiler built by Fulton.
Do didn’t get a chance to record everything, it was the first Monday of 2020, the boiler failed, the pressure was fluxing , we didn’t know if it had a cracked shell or what the hell was happening.
This type of work is what a ratcheting flare nut wrench would be good for, Tribus tools should target people in this field to do their wrench testing instead of automotive repair guys on YouTube just for views instead of repairs that relate to their tool.
I do various repairs from automotive in my garage, mobile repairs, industrial repairs, commercial equipment repairs and more
Unlike channels out here begging for views & free tools to review to get paid by YouTube , while they don’t show any real world repairs , you can see that I do make real world repairs, I use a variety of tools and the content will get better as subscribers grow.
So far this boiler is running great
A thanks goes up to WARE Boiler Repair services from Louisville Kentucky , I appreciate the professionalism , the frequent communication, the free advice from your workers “ M” & “Z” . If anyone has boiler issues, WARE is the way to go
Anyhow, this was something different, SORRY ABOUT THE SHITTY AUDIO because I’ve exported 5 times and it still sucks.
I used Dewalt, Ridged, Kobalt, J.H. Williams, Proto, Blackhawk, Hyper Tough, GearWrench TEKTON, to make some of these repairs
Fulton boilers, Bryan boilers, Hurst boilers
#BoilerRepair #IndustrialMechanic #Commercialrepairs #BoilerLeak #SteamBoiler
Here’s some videos from the backwoods mechanic channel
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Check out the channel or don’t , but be entertained

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