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Why Is My Water Heater Leaking? Fix It With These 4 Easy Steps

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In this short video I am going to show you exactly why your water heater is leaking and how to fix it. I’ve broken this video into 4 sections.
* Section 1 will explain why your water heater is leaking.
* Section 2 will determine if it can repaired or will need to be replaced.
* Section 3 will explain how to stop the leak and get it fixed.
* Step 4 is a bonus that can save you $600-$1000. Your water heater might be under warranty. The manufactures sometime use codes to let us know what year your water heater was manufactured and if it is still covered under warranty. If it is you might be eligible for a FREE water heater. I’ll give you instructions on how to properly figure this out a the end of the video.

Section 1 Why is it leaking?

Water heaters leak for 2 common reasons. The first is lack of service and the second is high water pressure. If you don’t service your water heater the tank corrodes and eventually leaks. High water pressure from a broken pressure regulator can also cause a water heater to leak.

Section 2 Can your tank be repaired or does it need to be replaced?
1. Step one Identify where the leak is coming from
1. Top - usually a quick fix
1. Cold in
1. supply line, nipple or thread collar
2. hot out
1. supply line, nipple or thread collar
3. vent connection
1. usually will be spraying water and not dripping. This is how we see it in most cases.
2. T&P Valve
1. if the water is leaking from the joint where the valve threads into the tank the tank is not repairable
2. If the water is leaking from the valve to where it terminates then you need to replace the valve.
1. Usually about $35 dollars for parts. You will need a plumber or the ability to solder copper pipe. Best to have a plumber do it.
3. If the valve is leaking then you most likely need a new water pressure regulator as well.
3. Bottom
1. If the water is collecting at the bottom of the water heater it has reached the end of it’s life. and needs to be replaced. If you live in San Diego County we would love to help you. Click the link below to see our advertised exact pricing for a replacement.

Section 3 how to stop the leak and begin repair or replacement
1. Attach garden hose to drain valve
2. open valve let water flow for 60 sections. it should flow freely. if you skip this step the water heater will not drain. If it doesn’t drain it will leak where it shouldn’t.
3. Shut off water at shut off valve
4. Open hot water fixture or undo a supply line
1. show straw example
5. drain water heater
6. Turn off gas at shut off valve
7. Time to call us or any qualified plumber. Before you do make sure you know the pro and cons of tankless water heaters. Link below.
8. If your water heater still isn’t draining search our channel for a video on “Water Heater Will Not Drain”

Section 4
* Water heater manufactures don’t advertise the warranty terms on the water heater. They use codes to let plumbers know when the warranty is up. My guess is so that consumers don’t really know when the warranty is up, hence saving the manufacturer money. I have made a video to help you cut through the BS and figure out if you are eligible for a free water heater. Jump over to Quick water heater dot com. Click on FAQ and Search for “water heater warranty” in that video I’ll show you all the tricks we have learned over a decade of replacing water heaters.

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