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Raypak® Hybrid

Cost Effectively Go Green With Maximum Condensing Energy Savings Using Multiple
High Recovery Boiler Hybrid Systems

Motivated by financial and environmental considerations, demand for higher efficiency in hydronic heating systems is ever increasing. Specific goals are to reduce heating bills, reduce green house gas emissions, preserve natural resources, comply with legislation, gain utility rebates, and accumulate LEED points, etc.

To achieve these efficiency goals many boiler manufacturers, including Raypak, offer condensing boilers. They are designed to condense the water vapor in the flue products to thereby capture the latent heat. Latent heat in the water vapor that is produced by burning natural gas amounts to approximately 10% of the total BTU's available. Much of that, along with additional sensible heat, can be captured with a condensing boiler.

It is a law of physics that the flue products have to be cooled below their dew point (the temperature at which condensation will take place) in order to operate in the condensing mode associated with over 90% efficiencies. This means that the incoming water to the heat exchanger must always enter below the dew point of the flue products. With the normal levels of excess air needed to ensure complete combustion of natural gas, this is about 130°F. Thus water entering the heat exchanger must be 130°F or lower before increased efficiency can even begin (the lower the return temperature the higher the efficiency).

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