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My Boiler issues. Vaillant 837 Blocked Main Heat Exchanger

This is my boiler at home. The main heat exchanger is becoming blocked.
I explain the clues and what to look for on a service.
I also talk about the upcoming PCB videos I will try and do.

1) CARHARTT Tool Roll

2) BAHCO Screwdriver with LED
2)BAHCO Screwdriver without LED

3)WERA Kraftform Kompakt Screwdriver

4)WERA 0.8x4x100 Flat screwdriver

5) KNIPEX Alligator

5)KNIPEX Cobra
same size as the alligator above just the “cobra” version

6)BAHCO Spanner

6)BAHCO Spanner with slimline jaw

7)CK Wire cutters
7)CK Wire cutters (shorter version)

8)KNIPEX bent long nose pliers

9)TESTO 510 Digital U gauge

9)TESTO Bluetooth U gauge

10)Mirror tool

11)Cheap as chips pick set!!!

12)FLUKE alert volt stick

13)MONUMENT Tailing Spanner

14)Tee Bar 4mm

15)Tee bar 2mm

16)Tee bar 2.5mm

17)Full Tee bar set

18)10mm ratchet spanner (flex head)

19)8mm ratchet spanner (flex head)

20)14mm/15mm spanner

21)BAHCO small spanner

22)Cheap Lock knife


24)Injector cleaning pins link coming soon. Review to follow.
25)Rothenberger 18” heavy duty pipe wrench
These are the heat duty ones I use.

26)Knipex (large)

27)BAHCO 12” (not wide jaw)

28)Fluke 115 multimeter

Drain down hose

Gas Tap Grease

Led lights for van.

Fluke 101 multimeter

Extech EX330

Silicone grease

Fluke Twist Guard probes

Commando drills

Weed Sprayer

Large LDF

NTC Clamps:

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