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Worcester 28SI Mk1 Flashing Red Light

Do you want to improve your skills in Boiler Repair? And be able to fault find easily and confidently on Gas and Electric boilers? Visit You will be learning from someone who has a proven track record, with customers who consistently give them 5-Star Google Reviews.
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Here are testimonials from two engineers who are using our Online Training:
Khalid Shenvari Birmingham
Thank you Tony for adding me to this group. I am currently working towards building up my Portfolio and want to become a Service and Repair Engineer. I did watch your videos on YouTube and you came across as someone with a lot of knowledge in this industry. I have recently purchased the Mastering The Basics course and am learning a lot from it. It’s something that they don't teach you in the training center. It’s a fantastic program, especially for the beginners who want to learn how to get into repairs. This industry needs a lot more people like yourself, Tony👍🏼👍🏼

Michael Rose Scotland
Just passed my ACS and was doing Tony's brilliant course. Studying for ACS and doing the course was proving to be a bit much, so had to concentrate on passing first and foremost, which the Masterful Engineer helped me massively. Back to Tony's course and just going to refresh myself up to module 3 and back into it.
I would definitely recommend this course for any new engineers who don't get taught the fault finding skills on a fast track course, in my opinion it is invaluable.

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