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State of NY to Seize ALL properties!?

The State of NY built out a CRAZY Plan to Seize ALL Rental Properties!!

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The state of NY has lost their minds with what they are doing now. It's not enough that they extend the eviction moratorium way past what Joe Biden suggested, they are now going door to door to let tenants know their "rights" which is that paying rent is optional. In addition to this landlords are being forced to cover new cost, taxes and insurance premiums. They are attempting to seize their properties and put these properties in the hands of the state. If you own real estate in New York now is the time to sell (unless you intend to hold for decades, if that is the case just make sure you can afford the mortgage and new costs that are going to be thrown at you by the state). If you can not afford their next move it may be time to sell that property. If you are planning to buy in New York I would wait to see what new "tenant protections" they put in place that takes away the desirability of owning property in that state. It may be better to simply take your money elsewhere.

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