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PARKES PLUMBING WEEKLY #2 | Must have tools, blocked radiators and boiler repairs.

Im back with a brand new Parkes Plumbing Weekly.

This week i talk about a MUST HAVE tool for your plumbing tool box. Also, a boiler repair on a worcester bosch greenstar, a CDI boiler repair, a blocked radiator pipe and a look at a 200 degree aga cooker that someone forgot to turn off lol

All power tools by Milwaukee

All my tools you can buy here:

Wera Hex Keys :
Unilite Torch :
Unilite SLR500 Torch:
Wera multi screwdriver:
Wera VDE Multi bit Screwdriver:
Wera Tool Check Plus:
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Knipex mini Pliers Wrench:
Knipex Wire Strippers:
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Veto Pro Pac tpXL:

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