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Milwaukee City/County Taskforce on Climate and Economic Equity: GREEN JOBS

00:00:00 Opening
00:00:01 Supreme Moore Omokunde, State Representative
00:00:09 Panel dissection on green jobs
00:00:45 Erick Shambarger, Director of Milwaukee’s Environmental Collaboration Office
00:01:21 Where we’re at with the Climate and Equity plan at this time
00:02:05 Income for green jobs, $40,000 a year or $20 per hour
00:02:23 Working Groups
00:02:39 Retrofitting our homes
00:03:07 Create new homes in factory setting
00:03:18 Energy jobs in commercial buildings
00:03:40 Increasing our tree canopy
00:03:56 Arborist is another green job
00:04:08 Another big idea is education jobs
00:04:25 How can we support the training and recruiting for green jobs
00:05:05 Mayor Barrett’s 2.7 million for green jobs initiative
00:06:00 Types of green jobs
00:07:31 Supreme Moore Omokunde, State Representative
00:07:43 Q1 Let’s start by talking about green jobs
00:07:46 Preston Cole, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources
00:07:47 A green job depends on your trade
00:08:25 Green jobs also increases our economy
00:08:54 Chris Martinez, Energy solution upgrades
00:09:13 We provide energy upgrades for buildings
00:09:34 Jobs and career
00:11:15 Michele Robinson, Journeyman Electrician and Educator
00:11:17 Daily on the job/site routines
00:11:57 Saving energy and helping the environment
00:13:42 Many facets of what constitutes green jobs
00:14:30 Demeterus Thompson, coming from the plumbing aspect
00:14:33 Green jobs, the on-site experience
00:14:52 Being in the Plumbing world the focus is on water
00:15:58 You take almost any job and make into a green job
00:16:28 Supreme Moore Omokunde, State Representative
00:16:29 Q2 What education is needed for green jobs
00:17:11 Demeterus Thompson, coming from the plumbing aspect
00:17:12 Get a diploma, go to school, apprenticeship
00:17:19 Five year apprenticeship
00:17:23 A green plumbing class
00:18:07 Education and training sequence
00:18:59 Michele Robinson, vocational training
00:19:41 Apprenticeships
00:19:57 Willingness to learn and ask questions
00:20:08 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
00:20:41 High School diploma, apprenticeship and beyond
00:20:59 Older apprentices that have degrees
00:21:15 The core is a willingness to learn and desire to ask questions
00:21:52 How are we implementing, what’s the best way to do it
00:22:01 Chris Martinez, owner of Dairyland Energy Solutions
00:22:31 We’ve made progress in our application process
00:23:35 Building trades better outreach and recruiting
00:24:50 Preston Cole, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources
00:24:55 Expose young men and women to jobs in Agriculture
00:25:36 Trained professional Arborists
00:25:55 How do you expose individuals to something they don’t know about
00:26:30 This idea of exposure
00:26:41 This idea of exposure you have to go on the offense
00:26:59 Connection between the school systems and all these positions
00:29:08 If we think children are coming to us, there’re not
00:29:30 How do you engage high school students
00:30:35 Half should be paying for work and the other half paying to get GED
00:30:53 We have to do things in a nontraditional way
00:31:31 We should prepare ourselves for the new economy
00:31:48 If we can retool our economy around clean energy
00:31:56 That new training model has to happen if our kids are to have a chance
00:32:17 Supreme Moore Omokunde, State Representative
00:32:17 Q3 Living wage jobs, what are the wages like for green jobs
00:33:13 Michele Robinson is a journeyman electrician
00:33:33 Electrician apprenticeship is at about $19.20
00:34:13 Topping out at about $43.62
00:35:35 Chris Martinez, owner of Dairyland Energy Solutions
00:35:40 Journeyman electrician is roughly $85,000 a year
00:36:08 On top of wages, you’re getting benefits
00:36:32 The complete package is over $30 per hour
00:36:42 An apprenticeship is like an escalator
00:37:01 Your pay grade goes up
00:37:35 An economic section of an apprenticeship-basic economics
00:38:33 Preston Cole, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources
00:38:33 Arborists in Milwaukee
00:38:56 Arborists ears between $40,000 and 45,000 per year
00:39:15 Additional opportunities for extra income
00:39:39 Think about this, you have the capacity to earn about $70,000
00:40:31 New jobs- some statistics: Energy efficiency, solar, wind
00:41:20 Demeterus Thompson, coming from the plumbing aspect
00:41:22 Talk about salaries for plumbers
00:41:35 Starting salary for 1st year apprentice is roughly $21hr or $42,00 year
00:41:43 Journeyman roughly $94,000
00:41:49 You work 4 days a week and school 1 day
00:41:57 We do have pension and 401k
00:42:32 Work on economics and credit
00:43:30 Supreme Moore Omokunde, State Representative
00:43:35 Closing

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