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Energy Savings as a Service For Your Schools

Onsite Utility Services Capital provides energy upgrades as a Service to schools with no debt or investment required. Energy Savings as a Service is a pay-for-performance financing mechanism where our clients implement energy and water efficiency projects with no up-front capital expenditure and no debt.

It is an innovative off-balance-sheet solution that works by Onsite Utility Services Capital paying for all project development, implementation and all equipment costs for our clients to become energy-efficient. Plus, we include all the ongoing maintenance costs for all the new equipment installed.

Once a project is operational, our clients make service payments taken right from their new actual energy and/or water savings. The result is an immediate reduction in energy costs, without ever having to spend any up-front capital, and no debt assigned to their balance sheet, with positive cash flow from the very first day.

It’s Energy Savings as a Service, and it’s the future of energy efficiency. Call for a FREE consultation: 844.768.7227 or visit us at

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